RoleyVision #04: Talking To Myself

One of the things I’ve done over the years is route a phone through my mixer so that the characters on the phone have conversations with me. It used to be much harder than it is today. Here’s my current setup.

RoleyVision 02: The Ocean

Let’s go to Church. Mine doesn’t look like one, but it’s as good a church as any you’re likely to find.

RoleyVision 01: MobileRig Podcasting

Since I get a few questions from time to time about how to podcast using mobile devices, I took some time to create a how to using a how-to video on recording podcasts to an iPad.

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The Emergency Fund: You Need One, Here’s How

Crap happens, that’s a reality we all have to live with. A couple of years ago, my beloved PT Cruiser threw a rod. It cost 1500 dollars to fix. I had half of it, and the rest came out of my paycheck. It got pretty tight around here for a few weeks. It taught me…

Should I Keep A Diary?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve tried to be consistent in my blogging and writing. I have been rather fortunate to have been able to stay consistent for a few months now, in that I’ve managed to put out about three posts a week. I’ve written many thousands of words now for you. Where…

Stop Doing This Now

A companion post to my previous one, this is a list of the habits we need to stop. Again, like the previous post, this is not an exhaustive list, but something to start considering. Baby steps, add your own steps, and tell me if something I haven’t added here works for you. Stop comparing what…

Some Good Habits To Work On

The good habits we should be cultivating right now? A simple list for you to consider. It’s not by any means exhaustive, but taking some baby steps in this direction will help you. They’ve helped me. Make your list of stuff to do tomorrow TONIGHT. Take some of that relaxation time to learn something. Learn…

Pearls of Wisdom

Something new here, little pearls of wisdom.  Sometimes I’ll find these, or they will be toold to me in a way that sticks with me, or sometimes they’ll come from the deep recess of my heat oppress-ed brain (with apologies to Shakespeare). I don’t know how regular this will be, but they’ll be here every…

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