Apple TV updated

Apple TV updated with new channels.

Apple debuted a number of new channels to the Apple TV this morning, adding ABC News, PBS Kids, Willow TV, and AOL On.

More and more, Apple TV is where I go first.  Jim Dalrymple at The Loop says, “Now I just need an English Premier League channel…”

I agree, save for the fact that if I could watch football (soccer for us ugly ‘muricans), I would never watch anything else.

If they ever put Fox Soccer Channel on, I’m doomed.

RoleyShow 09


Chip Fitchett gives us an initiation into FeeChay, Roley finds the video of that Dad taking his kid out of a date distrubing, and Alma Woolard has some unorthodox discipline methods

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Listen as Optimus Prime Describes the Hubble Telescope’s Successor

Listen as Optimus Prime Describes the Hubble Telescope’s Successor « Nerdist.

I almost feel a little cheated here, because Peter Cullen doesn’t actually do Prime’s voice in this clip.  However, there’s no denying the man has an awesome voice, whatever one he’s using.

Nerdist says they want him to voice all NASA’s videos in the future.  I agree.  Don “In a world…” LaFontaine would have also been a good choice, but he passed away in 2008.


What A Rush



I have found my drug of choice.   It’s not what you think.  That picture up there is my drug, under a microscope.  Read on.


I’ve never done drugs.  Hell, I didn’t even take so much as a drop of alcohol before I was 35 years old.  I’m a control freak, and drugs and alcohol always seemed to me to be ceding control of my body and brain. Most of the people in my life that did one or the other did it to excess, and  had ruined their lives in one way or the other.  So, you know, I’d rather not.


In my mid thirties I met a guy who was what I’ll call a beer-snob, and I learned a little bit (emphasis on little) about what makes a good beer.  It certainly wasn’t what I had chosen.  During this time I was also going through a little bit of male menopause, so a lot of things changed about me.  I learned to let go a little.  Hell, I even got hammered a few times.


Thankfully, I’m past that now.  I’m at the point where I can enjoy a beer or two and leave it, but I’m not dead set against anything for the sake of ‘not losing control’.  The fear of ‘losing control’ is gone.


I’m not the type to do drugs.  Never have, never will.  Not against marijuana, but it’s not for me.  Anything else is poison.


However, as I mentioned at the start of this rant, I found my drug of choice.  There’s nothing like the release of endorphins.  Holy mother of Jesus, the feeling you get after you leave the gym after a good ass-busting workout is better than the description of any drug ever mentioned to me.


I destroyed my arms, chest, and shoulders last night.  But the payback for me was how good I felt afterward.  I don’t think I can do it justice.  The only thing I can tell you is that if you’re even thinking about getting a gym membership, or thinking about getting back in shape, you need to trust me on this.  The rush of endorphins into your system is something you’re going to like, and you’re going to want to chase it.


If you’re looking for a motivation to stick to a workout, believe me that’s the motivation right there.


Monday and Thursday nights, you know where I’m going to be:  Banging weights and chasing that high.  Believe that.