RoleyVision #04: Talking To Myself

One of the things I’ve done over the years is route a phone through my mixer so that the characters on the phone have conversations with me. It used to be much harder than it is today. Here’s my current setup.

RoleyVision 02: The Ocean

Let’s go to Church. Mine doesn’t look like one, but it’s as good a church as any you’re likely to find.

RoleyVision 01: MobileRig Podcasting

Since I get a few questions from time to time about how to podcast using mobile devices, I took some time to create a how to using a how-to video on recording podcasts to an iPad.

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Kris Isn’t Here Right Now…

It’s July First.  If you’re reading this, I want to let you know that I’m not here.  One of the goals that I’ve had this year has been to go into a sort of ‘Monk Mode’ for the month of July.  The reasons for this are very simple: 1) I do need to detox a…

Pearl Of Wisdom: Change

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom comes from many people, too numerous to name: “Change yourself, change your circumstances, change society.” That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Yet look at all the ‘movements’ we have across the country who want to affect widespread change? They want to change the world, and that’s to be admired. Have they changed…

Adding New Topics to Same Space? Be Careful.

Here’s a question I get a lot: “I have a blog or a podcast related to x, but I’m also interested in y. Can I incorporate everything in the same space?” That depends. In the beginning, you should NOT do this, in my opinion. You need to establish yourself as an authority on one thing…

Earn It Every Day

It’s not the victory that counts. It’s not even the milestones you pass on the way to the victories. What matters is how you get there. What matters is the process. We focus so much on the win, that we lose focus on how we got there. It’s just as important. This is why I…

Pearls of Wisdom: Random Factor

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom comes from my father in law, Kelly… “The most feared of all the gods is this real motherfucker named Random Factor” He is absolutely right. How many goals and ambitions—how many lives—have been utterly fucked by this beast? What if you were…well, not completely ready for Random Factor to make an…

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