RoleyVision #04: Talking To Myself

One of the things I’ve done over the years is route a phone through my mixer so that the characters on the phone have conversations with me. It used to be much harder than it is today. Here’s my current setup.

RoleyVision 02: The Ocean

Let’s go to Church. Mine doesn’t look like one, but it’s as good a church as any you’re likely to find.

RoleyVision 01: MobileRig Podcasting

Since I get a few questions from time to time about how to podcast using mobile devices, I took some time to create a how to using a how-to video on recording podcasts to an iPad.

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Living Intentionally

For some of us, the feeling of a loss of control in one’s life is a temporary situation brought on by stress, or a major life change. For others, it’s a constant condition. You likely know someone in your life that seems to have the decked forever stacked against them, and they wander almost aimlessly…

Means To An End

If you want to live well, you have to cut out the negative things and people in your life. So, what if the biggest source of negativity is how you earn a paycheck? I’ve worked in some kind of customer support or tech support job for over 20 years. Trust me when I tell you,…

Shaky Vision

A lot of folks who style themselves as ‘gurus’ tell you to do this one thing that I find shallow. It has to do with the making of a ‘vision board’. I first read about it in a book I have called Creative Visualization, but its been made more popular by The Secret. To gloss…

Channel You

Let’s start with the obvious:  The saying “If you build it, they will come,” is a line from a work of fiction, and should be treated as such. To wit, the only idiot that believes that line to be true is the character Kevin Costner played.  No one else should even consider it. They do…

What’s Stopping You?

So, what’s stopping you from making a change for the positive? Scared of being out of your comfort zone? Afraid of working hard? Fear of failure? Welcome to the ball game, friends. You’ll have those thoughts and a heck of a lot more. You might not think you’re an expert on a subject, You might…

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